The fast, cheap, and secure way to transfer money to the Philippines!

Through revolutionary blockchain technology, PDAX Remit makes sending money abroad faster and cheaper than traditional remittance channels.


Group 2908@3x

Exchange/Liquidity Provider

• Fast Transactions

PDAX can convert your digital assets to fiat currency and transfer the proceeds to any account in minutes.

• Competitive rates

We offer affordable transfer fees without hidden chargers, markups, cable chargers, or commissions. 

• Access to FX Market

Crypto conversion settlements are available in USD, EUR, JPY, and more.

Group 2907@3x

Payouts (Mass Disbursements)

• Direct to Bank Account

Save time and send money directly to your beneficiary's bank account. PDAX can facilitate transfers to any ACH participant bank in the Philippines.


• Direct to Mobile

Send money directly to GCash, Maya, or any e-wallet account.


• Direct to Partner Location

Receive money at one of our partner retail locations (pawnshops, remittance counters, etc.)


• Direct to PDAX wallet

Send money directly to any PDAX account, FREE of charge!

Group 2906@3x

International Payroll

International Companies who want to pay employees and freelancers based in the Philippines either in fiat or digital asset, faster and cheaper.


PDAX can process bulk processing of salaries credited directly to any Philippine local Bank, EMI wallet or PDAX Account.


How it works

  1. The employer funds their PDAX account using wire transfer or digital assets.
  2. Then, they can send instructions and beneficiary details to PDAX (via CSV upload or API).
  3. PDAX executes the transfer to employees' bank or e-wallet accounts.
    * Transfers made to PDAX wallets are free of charge.


Each year, more and more people are discovering the advantages of cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks for connecting financially across the globe.

Compared to traditional remittance channels, sending money transfers through crypto is faster and more secure, thanks to the decentralized architecture of the blockchain. With crypto, money transfers do not need to go through institutions or third party intermediaries to convert value between currencies, but are facilitated directly through encrypted network protocols from sender to receiver.

This is why crypto remittances take only minutes or even seconds, compared to the hours or days it takes to send money through any other means. With PDAX Remit, reducing the cost of overseas settlements is guaranteed, immediate, and comes with zero volatility risk.


Robust network infrastructure capable of servicing high volume transactions.


Integrated with global market makers to ensure you can send your funds without conversion delays—anytime, anywhere in the world.

Cash out easily and securely

Receive money transfers conveniently and cash out from banks, ACH partners, remittance centers, convenience stores and pawnshops.

PDAX Remit provides convenient remittance solutions

  • Competitive Rates

    Blockchain transfers cost only a fraction of the fees of conventional remittance methods.

  • Fast

    Faster transactions laso means a greater guarantee of the quoted exchange price.

  • Convenient

    With less institutional intermediaries, counterparty risks are also minimized.


There are an estimated 12-15 million Filipinos abroad

From OFWS, immigrants, students, and sea-based workers, the Philippines sends home about $32 Billion in remittances every year, but incurs an average of 8% in fees, adding up to about $2.8 Billion in remittance costs.

Traditional remitances cost more than they should

Longer transaction times means the funds being transferred are more exposed to exchange rate fluctuations. Traditional remittance channels also require pre-funding, incurring more capital costs on top of the fixed remittance fees.

PDAX is a licensed Financial Institution, fully compliant with the country's laws

Remittance & transfer company (RTC)

• Handle Remittance and Money Transfer
• Convert Foreign Currency to PHP

Virtual asset service provider (vasp)

• Convert Digital Assets to Fiat
• Digital Asset Safekeeping

electronic money issuer (EMI)

• Transact using PDAX E-wallet
• Ability to pay-out to Banks and other E-wallets


What is PDAX Remit?

PDAX Remit is the remittance group of PDAX who caters to corporate and businesses money fund transfer using digital assets to and from the Philippines using digital assets.

Is PDAX Remit Safe and Secure?

PDAX Remit is fully licensed and registered with the Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP), SEC and AMLC.

What are the services offered by PDAX Remit?

A. Exchange and Liquidity Provider
B. Payout (Mass Disbursement)
C. International Payroll

How fast is PDAX Remit compared to the traditional methods of remittance?

Transfer of funds within a few minutes using digital assets.  Unlike, traditional remittance which takes 1-3 days.

How are remittances protected from the usual crypto value fluctuations?

PDAX provides firm quotes, and when clients accepts the quote, FIAT amount will immediately be transferred to the account via ACH rails (Instapay or Pesonet).

Which blockchain network/s does PDAX Remit use for sending remittances?

We can work different blockchain network/s and can support almost all digital assets.

What cryptocurrencies is PDAX Remit for the transactions?

We support XRP, USDC, USDT among others.

How can I be a partner of PDAX Remit?

Kindly send an email to

Is there a Minimum amount to open a PDAX Account?

There’s no minimum amount.  On-boarding and KYC documents will be requested to open an account.

How much is the fee to transfer from PDAX Account to local bank accounts, E-wallets, or Cash payout locations?

Here’s the list of Cash out channels along with their corresponding fees.


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